Top 5 Schools in Florida for Academic Excellence

Florida is home to many excellent academic institutions. High schoolers can choose from top schools in Florida to spend their years before college. Students can opt for a Baccalaureate Program or other options depending on their preference. But regardless of the education curriculum, the following schools have excelled and are esteemed to be the best. Here are the top 5 institutions as ranked by the US News.

Pine View School

Situated at Osprey, FL, the Pine View School is known for its unique teaching approach. It mixed traditional classroom setup with mini-courses and independent studies. They also hold field trips, fundraisers, and open houses for their students and beneficiaries. But above all, they emphasize the value of parent involvement in the learning process. Pine View has flying colors in terms of college readiness and proficiency in both mathematics and reading. Their programs are crafted to make sure that the students are ready for tertiary education.

Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH)

As one of the best schools in Florida, the Design and Architecture Senior High is the pride of Miami. Their programs focus on fashion, industrial design, architecture, entertainment, visual communications, and the likes. Aside from these specializations, DASH also gives value to traditional subjects like mathematics, science, language, and reading. Before a student can be admitted to DASH, a studio performance review and/or a portfolio would be necessary. Aside from that, DASH has one of the largest minority enrollments.

International Studies Charter High School

The International Studies Charter High School is known for its excellence in Advanced Placement. Students can take exams and course works to participate in the placement process. So far, this school has 100% AP participation with an almost balanced enrollment. It currently enrolls 54% male and 46% female. The institution is also home to 74% minority students. They perform well in college readiness and have a humble score in terms of mathematics and reading. Moreover, they have 93% graduating rate.

Stanton College Preparatory School

Stanton College Preparatory School is excellent for students looking for intensive curriculums. Students can choose either International Baccalaureate courses or advanced placement. A majority of Stanton graduates are observed to enter the state university system of Florida. The good thing about Stanton is they have partnerships with the University of North Florida and Florida State College at Jacksonville. This school is one of the academic institutions in the state with the least economically disadvantaged enrollees. Stanton also has more full-time teachers than other schools in FL.

Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School

The Archimedean Upper Conservatory Charter School is definitely not one of the worst schools in Florida. They have 92% minority enrollees while almost half of the student body is economically disadvantaged. Still, it doesn’t make their commitment to education waver. They have 100% AP participation with a college preparation score that can pit on the previously listed institutions.

These top schools in Florida are evidence that the state has a lot to offer in terms of education. Such a thing gives the student the option for their studies.

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